One Dozen (12) Spotlight Hobbies Model Car Boxes

One Dozen (12) Spotlight Hobbies Model Car Boxes
Item# PB101A

One Dozen (12) Spotlight Hobbies Model Car Boxes

Item Specs

Description: These custom made MODEL CAR BOXES (often referred to as “promo boxes”) are specially produced for Spotlight Hobbies, and they’re perfect for storing or transporting built models and promos. Gently wrap your model in tissue or a paper towel and slide the model into the box. If it’s a convertible, add a little clump of paper towel on the hood and trunk to prevent the windshield frame from coming in contact with the top of the box.

These model car boxes are 3 1/4 wide x 2 1/2 high x 8 7/8 long with secure folding end flaps, and are constructed of .026 inch white chipboard material. They are plain white with no writing on them so that other model car and promo sellers may use them for the models or promos they sell.

Boxes are also available in a case lot of 225 boxes for $122.50. If you’re interested in purchasing a case, please send your zip code or location and we will calculate the least expensive means of shipping and let you know the total.

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