AMT 1970 Corvette Coupe LT-1/ZR-1

AMT 1970 Corvette Coupe LT-1/ZR-1
Item# A_1097_FSa

AMT 1970 Corvette Coupe LT-1/ZR-1
Item Specs

Scale: 1/25th

Year of Release: 2018

Information: Comes in original AMT 1970-style box art and includes a new decal sheet with both black and white hood stripes plus an assortment of icense plate decals. Also includes new pad-printed Goodyear tires reaised white letters on one side and red-lines on the other.

Description: Factory Sealed New Kit. Please note: The box is pushed in just a little on these kits from shipping to us. Certainly not enough to hurt the kit, but not quite up to our standards for a new kit, and the price has been lowered accordingly.

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