Revell 1966 Chevy Suburban

Revell 1966 Chevy Suburban
Item# R_4409_FSa

Item Specs

Scale: 1/25th

Year of Release: 2017

Information: Molded in white, 2 wheel drive. Although Chevy Suburbans have been made since 1935, this is the first Suburban model kit ever produced. Build it just as it is, or with a little ingenuity and some spare parts create a railroad high-railer or any number of commercial or utility vehicles. Or maybe convert one to a panel truck by filling in the windows and leaving out the back seat, or build it as a '64 or '65 using the side emblems from a Revell '64 or '65 pickup. The '65 Chevy Stepside issue with the green truck on the box also includes a dropped front axle and custom wheels that will fit right on to the Suburban, too.

Description: Factory Sealed New Kit