Revell 1929 Ford Model A Roadster Street Rod


It was originally issued in 2015 but production was promptly halted because of a tooling issue, but it has now been resolved. A number of things are different now though, as the majority of the parts are from the coupe version, which was released in 2016 and was available for an even shorter time than the roadster. The problem with the tooling apparently had to do with the Buick engine that was in the first roadster since it’s been replaced with the Chevy from the coupe. The coupe body seems to have been part of the problem as well, as it was obviously easier for them to do the roadster than the coupe, and although a reissue of the coupe is still up in the air, last I heard there is still hope.

The Chevy engine can be built with trips or a blower with two-4’s. Having the coupe parts also means the nice Halibrand wheels are included along with the steelies, whereas the earlier issue just had steelies. Chrome “Ford” center caps and trim rims for the steelies are also included. It has just the Model A radiator shell, but includes both the Model A and the ’32 radiator itself. The coupe top insert is still on the trees, and the mufflers/tailpipes from both kits are included. They look the same but they’re mounted on the runners differently. Three different headlight sizes and styles are included along with two steering wheel designs, and the kit comes with both a highboy and channeled frame.

The decals are similar to the first roadster, but the seat decals are different colors. It still includes whitewall decals, scallops, rust, racing numbers and license plates, but the scallops, numbers and license plates are different.

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